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.Saturday, November 21, 2009 ' 1:09 PM Y
Initially wanted to blog yesterday night, but ended up falling asleep straight after my bath and only just woke up an hour ago. xD

Now I've forgotten about 90% of what I had in mind to put in this entry.

Haven't been to KTV for ages and I miss singing!!! But I'm down with the flu now and my voice sounds more like a croak when I try to sing. LOL.

My family's back from Thailand and they've brought home a whole fucking load of stuff. Dried food, one whole luggage worth of new clothes, bags, shoes, and all sorts of weird things. Candles? What for? Haha. Must have had a hell of a time shopping their way around Bangkok and Chiangmai for that one week. I still don't regret not going though, because I know that if I had gone, I wouldn't have enjoyed myself, hotel or no hotel.

Crystal says that I think too much about other people's "motives" and yes, I readily admit that. I don't know when was it that I became so pessimistic about kindness from people. Its ironic really. I'll happily believe that no one is truly evil, but if that kindness is directed towards me, I'll immediately be on my guard. Because I don't think I've done anything worth that bit of kindness and who knows how hefty the price tag attached to it is. Same as the logic that when you allow yourself to be get too attached to people around it, you get hurt more easily too. Maybe that's why I don't make friends so easily. Haha.

Oh, and also thanks to Crystal, I'm now officially addicted to dried longans too. And I'm going crazy right now because I don't know where my mom hid the entire packet! =(

But luckily I still have yummy instant noodles. Kaka~ Off to cook!

P.S. I think Dear's finally getting used to his new job and I'm happy for him. Not to mention that the money coming in is definitely gonna be very useful too. Keke. It'll be Christmas in about a month's time and hopefully things will be more smooth-sailing for us by then.

P.P.S I'm including the videos of some songs that I've added into my playlist. Its from the soundtrack of Easy Life, Happy Fortune and the songs are really nice. Only the last one is a separate song (also a soundtrack, but from another drama) by Roy Qiu.

This is the opening version. Full song is about 3 minutes or so.



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