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.Sunday, November 29, 2009 ' 4:40 PM Y
Yay my new desktop is finally all set up properly!!! Too bad its still in my sister's room. Damn the modem.

And Hubby finally got his PS3~ After so freaking long of scrimping and saving.

I hope all this means that our finances are finally starting to pick up.

Buffet lunch at the Penang Place Restaurant on Friday was scrumptious, but sinful. No pictures, because none of us thought to take any. Went to JP after that and exchanged some tickets for the 2 HUGE rabbits and I still have 1k+ of tickets left! xD

Accompanied my Mom to Tangs at Vivocity yesterday just to collect her eye cream and spend another $82 on some day cream. =.=" Its times like this that I hate my sister for going off to China. I have to take her place and go shopping for ridiculous things with my mom. Don't get me wrong; I'm not unfilial, I just don't like shopping for cosmetics and all that crap.

Zoomed off to Bugis after that to meet up with Hubby, SY and ZX (Wow, long time no see!) because they wanted to play L4D2. For whatever my life's worth, I will NEVER be able to figure out L4D. I know its a very straightforward game and all, but I'm just not cut out for it. Ended up just facebook-ing and watching videos. Heh heh.

Yesterday night, while clearing out my room, I came across my "autograph book" from way back during my Primary 6 days, and all the memories came flooding back. As I read through, I realised that quite a lot of my classmates actually considered me a good friend. And there was one particular "autograph" that I treasured the most.

It really made me reminisce the good old days. Back then when there wasn't Friendster or Facebook. When Nokia 8250 was the coolest handphone around and MSN was the most exciting thing about the Internet. When the juiciest gossips were so-and-so's crush on who-and-who. When I thought nearly everyone in class hated me, especially the guys, because I was the class tomboy; loud-mouthed, rough and going around smacking all the boys. When I kept deliberately walk past 6-1 just to sneak peeks at MJ. Haha! Suddenly I really miss the CZ days. I miss our childishness, our carefree-ness and... EVERYTHING! How I wish time could be turned back.

Sigh... So bored right now I'm going try my hand at Blackshot, even though I know I'll probably suck at it. Tata~



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