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.Friday, November 06, 2009 ' 1:01 PM Y
How do you react to the revelation that your lady boss has actually been reading your blog? I'm so relieved that I don't have any major secrets posted. Haha~

Next week my parents and sister will be flying off to Thailand for a week. Initially thought of holding a mini-party just to have friends over to chill, to hang out for a day, but now I'm so pissed that I'm just gonna cancel that plan. I don't blame them, really. Its my fault for not thinking that people would have better things to do than that. I still can't believe that after so long, I'm still stupid enough to keep hoping for things that I shouldn't be hoping for. Wait, does that sound weird? Don't know, don't care.

Bottomline is... Everytime I try to put in the effort to plan something or organise some gathering, things just never go right. I think maybe my "eight-characters" are in such a way whereby I'm just jinxed whenever it comes to such things.

Right now I don't really care that I sound emo or whatever. I'm cancelling whatever plans there are for next Saturday and I'm just gonna spend the day with Dear. I'm just upset at myself for my own stupidity. Kids fall, learn that its painful, and are smart enough to be careful NOT to let themselves fall again. Apparently I'm dumber than a kid.

I'm gonna have to learn to STOP depending on or having expectations of the people around me. URGH. Bleah... I should probably stop ranting as well. Just damn bloody disappointed. So many times.

Its approaching the end of the year. Even Christmas decorations are already up in Orchard Road, reflecting the festive-kiasu spirit of Singaporeans. Robinsons is having its sales soon (I know 'cause I've seen their job ads looking for temporary staff again) and hopefully I get a bonus. =P

Damn the ACCA and its bloody lousy website for sucking away all my money. Was truly in shock when I went to check my bank account yesterday. DAMN THE WHOLE BLOODY WORLD!

Dear always chides me for taking things too seriously, but sometimes I really find it hard to find the silver lining in the oh-so-dark clouds. When sudden realisation hits and you can't fully grasp the WHY, it makes the entire mind feel so conflicted and confused.

I know this entry prolly makes me sound like some deranged teenager swinging from one extreme emotion to another, but heck lah. Not in the mood to care that much. Wish there could be such a thing as taking a break from life, but there's still no scientist or inventor in the world smart enough to come up with a way to pause time. SHINGZ.

And its back to work......



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