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.Sunday, December 20, 2009 ' 1:12 AM Y
Avatar is truly AWESOME!!! I know I should probably stop gushing and telling the whole world about it, but I really can't refrain myself. The moment the movie ended, the whole cinema was applauding and I was telling myself that I'd totally wanna watch it again. Nevermind the fact that its FOURTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS for a ticket; I find it totally worth the money. Now Dear is laughing at me 'cause I'm the one who shrugged it off as some stupid alien movie in the first place. Trust me, its even better than Titanic. And watch it in 3D because its VERY different from 2D and because its just so goddamn awesome. xD

Anyway, we ended up not going for the Bookfest because it was rather late after the movie. I dragged Dear off to Wisma and Takashimaya and shopped till he was totally complaining. Wahaha~ Bought a really cute Pooh Bear and Eeyore stuffed toys and also got my present for our company's gift exchange ready. I think if any of the guys were to accidentally pick what I bought, they're gonna kill me. And I'm actually having second thoughts already. Haha.

Before I go off to continue watching Autumn In My Heart, I just wanna share something from Jodi Picoult's book: Vanishing Acts. I've always been attracted to stories with a little bit of fantasy in them, where the whole story seems so real yet so impossible. Except maybe for Lord of the Rings. For some effing reason, I just can't get past the first chapter of the book. But I digress:

"According to the Hopi, we sometimes no longer fit the world we've been given.

In the beginning, there was only darkness and Taiowa the sun spirit. He created the First World and filled it with creatures that lived in a cave deep in the earth. But they fought among themselves, so he sent Spider Grandmother down to prepare them for a change.

As Spider Grandmother led the creatures into the Second World, Taiowa changed them. They were no longer insects, but animals with fur, and webbed fingers, and tails. They were happy to have the space to roam free, but they didn't understand life any better than before.

Taiowa sent Spider Grandmother back to lead the way into the Third World. By now, the animals had transformed into people. They made villages, and plants corn. But it was cold in the Third World, and mostly dark. Spider Grandmother taught them to weave blankets to keep warm; she told the women to make clay pots to store water and food. But in the cold, the pots couldn't be baked. The corn wouldn't grow.

One day a hummingbird came to the people in the fields. He had been sent by Masauwu, Ruler of the Upper World, and Caretaker of the Place of the Dead. He brought with him fire, and he taught the people its secret.

With this new discovery, the people could harden their pots, and warm their fields and cook their food. For a while, they lived in peace. But sorcerers emerged, with medicine to hurt those they didn't like. Men gambled, instead of farming. Women grew wild, forgetting their babies, so that the fathers had to care for the children. People began to brag that there was no god, that they had created themselves.

Spider Grandmother returned. She told the people that those of good heart would leave this place, and the evil ones, behind. They did not know where to go, but they had heard footsteps overhead in the sky. So the chiefs and the medicine men took clay and shaped a swallow out of it, wrapped it in a bride's robe, and sang it to life.

The swallow flew toward the opening in the sky, but he was not strong enough to make it through. The medicine men decided to make a stronger bird, and they sang forth a dove. It flew through the opening and returned, saying, "On the other side, there is a land that spreads in all directions. But there is nothing alive up there."

Still, the chiefs and the medicine men had heard footsteps. They fashioned a catbird this time, and asked him to ask the One Who Made the Footsteps for permission to enter his land.

The catbird flew past the point where all the other birds had gone. He found sand, and mesas. He found ripe squash and blue corn and splitting melons. He found a single stone house, and its master, Masauwu. When he returned, he told the chiefs and the medicine men that Masauwu would allow them to come. they looked up, wondering how they would ever reach the hole in the sky.

They went off to find Chipmunk, the planter. Chipmunk planted a sunflower seed in the ground, and by the power of singing, the people made it grow. But it bent over with its own weight, and could not reach the hole.

Chipmunk planted a spruce, and then a pine, but neither grew tall enough. Finally, he planted a bamboo, and the people began to sing. Every time they stopped to catch their breath, the bamboo stopped growing and a notch formed. Finally, the bamboo passed through the hole in the sky.

Only the pure people were allowed into this Fourth World. Spider Grandmother went up the bamboo first, with her two warrior grandsons. As the people emerged, a mockingbird sorted them into Hopi and Navajo, Zuni and Pima, Ute and Supai, Sioux and Comanche and whites. The warrior grandsons took their buckskin ball and played their way across the earth, creating mountains and mesas. Spider Grandmother made a sun and a moon. Coyote tossed the leftover materials into the sky, to make the stars.

The Hopi will tell you that evil managed to sneak in up the bamboo, anyway. That the time of this Fourth World is almost done. Any day now, they say, we might find ourselves in a new one."

-Taken from Vanishing Acts, by Jodi Picoult

If you bothered to read that whole chunk of what I just typed-my wrists are still aching, by the way- you're probably wondering what the hell all that crap meant.

Basically, the whole book is about this woman named Delia who finds out that her father allegedly kidnapped her when she was a child, and brought her from Arizona to New Hampshire, took on a new identity and lived completely different lives for twenty over years, until one day when the police turns up at their doorstep. They go back to Arizona for the trial and Delia tries to pick up the memories of her past, of who she really was and basically tries to find herself.

I'm still in the middle of reading the book, so I don't know how it ends but I love it already. I've read about 6 books by Jodi Picoult now, and there isn't a single book that I don't love. All book lovers should seriously try reading any one of her titles!

With that, I'm really going to sign off. Its nearly 2am, and I haven't yet called Dear to let him know I've reached home. xD Goodnight everyone!



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