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.Sunday, December 06, 2009 ' 12:54 AM Y
I'm sure by now almost the entire world knows about the whole "Tiger Woods had an affair" saga, thanks to the media. And you know how come SBS buses have TV Mobile and like to keep on showing Entertainment Tonight to erm... "entertain" the passengers?
So I was on 168 today, heading towards Causeway Point to meet Dear for dinner and movie, and ET was being shown on TVM again, and of course, they're talking about the whole Tiger Woods thing again. Blah blah blah, all the usual shit.
And then comes this part where they get this psychologist or some sort of shit expert to come and give her views on things like, "What should Tiger Woods say?", "What should Elin (who I presume is the wife) say?" and "Should they separate?"
Its like, HELLO? Its someone else's marriage. Albeit that someone being a golf-pro. But still! Its none of your fucking business! Who are you to come and yak shit about someone's marriage/affair like you know so well? That's just damned rude!
Okay lah fine. I know its not my business to get pissed at ET and that woman, but seriously? Hollywood is such a fucked up place. Wonder how the yakking woman would feel if someone came up to her and gave her bullshit about her marriage.

Anyways, we finally caught 2012 today after waiting for so damn long; what with being busy with work and waiting for the movie to come off the No Free List so that I could use my free ticket. Haha. It was a really nice movie, although highly exaggerated.
One thought that lingers in my mind though, is that if it were me, I think I'd rather die with the rest of the billions of people. Ever heard of survivor's guilt? There's this one part where that Adrian tries to plead with the other leaders to open the gate and let the other people in and he says "What are we going to tell our children? What will they tell their children?" Or something like that lah~ And then they all decide to open the gates.
Its touching, true. But seriously, what are they expecting to tell their children? "Oh we survived this huge catastrophe but about 5 billion other people or so died."? What nonsense.
And the really cute thing is, you know how in American movies they always write the U.S President's character to portray what they think of the real character? Now that Obama is the President, suddenly Mr U.S.P is a (black) loving man who would rather die with his fellow countrymen instead of a (white) selfish scaredy-cat who cowers behind his assistants. Guess we know who the scriptwriter voted for.

Oh and I have to say this! Dear and I had dinner at Pizza Hut and the service there was HORRIBLE. We got served with pizza even before our drinks and soup came. I had to ask the manager whether they'd gotten the wrong table. And their servers don't know service etiquette! Serve ice water immediately upon seating. When serving food or drinks, ladies first. Clear the empty plates/bowls once the customers are done with their food. They didn't do ANY of that!
I learned something amusing though. It seems that ever since I fell sick on Tuesday, my appetite has gotten alot smaller. I only managed abit of soup and about 2.5 small slices of pizza and I was totally full. So full that I started to feel unwell again and ended up vomitting. Lol~ I like the small appetite though. xD

Alright, gotta end here because I wanna squeeze in one episode of drama before I head off to bed. Meeting Hubby early tomorrow for breakfast and gym! Nights, and sorry for whole chunks of text!!



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