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.Saturday, December 19, 2009 ' 1:04 PM Y
Why oh WHY did it have to rain???

Going to Bookfest again with Hubby later to pick up more stuff. I'm going broke, but I still wanna buy more books! xD

We've booked tickets to watch Avatar 3D at Lido later at 4pm and I really hope its nice. William was so highly recommending the movie and Lido's cinemas-apparently the best place to watch 3D movies, so we decided to give it a try. I love Lido's popcorn anyway! Keke!

I've got no idea whether its 'cause of the festive season or what, but I've been feeling pretty happy lately. Still trying to get round a lot of things and ignore them and the negative feelings I get. I know I keep saying that I'm gonna do my EOY evaluation but I keep putting it off. I promise myself I'll get it done before December 31st okay?

After this unbearably long week, it's gonna be Christmas next week! 3.5 days of work only! Haha. I finally got my stuff at Body Shop yesterday. One lip balm, one shower gel and a bottle of perfume. And I also bought the dvd for Autumn In My Heart from TS. I know its a really ancient show-I watched it when I was in Primary 4, but guess I'm just being nostalgic. I'm even listening to 5566's old songs! xD

Hoping to plan a little getaway during CNY next year. I can't celebrate this year because of my grandma's passing away. I suggested going for a holiday since I got a week's holiday during that period and my dad seemed to be seriously considering my sister's proposal of going to Australia, but if nothing comes out of that, I'm hoping to go Tioman with Dear. I know most people would think its a pretty boring place, and it is. There nothing to do except snorkelling, eating and perhaps fishing. Because the island is all surrounded by sea. But I like the laid-back and relaxing feel of the place. I think it's a perfectly wonderful place to rest and recharge your energy. And its not too expensive either. Haha. I'm saving up all that I can so as to finally be able to go Taiwan next year end. Now just to convince him... =P

Olay~! My mom is back with lunch!!! Off to eat and then prepare to go out. Ciao~!!



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