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.Saturday, February 27, 2010 ' 12:13 AM Y
Lots of updates, but all minor tidbits. I'm so used to the Facebook status thingy that I find myself thinking in short sentences. Lol~

Going through a pretty down period these few days. Not that kind of period lah. Just very frustrated at myself for suddenly becoming so muddle-headed. Somehow, I keep losing, misplacing and forgetting things. Its like, almost everyday, there's bound to be one incident. So far, I have: lost 2 ez-link cards in 1 week (power right?), forgotten to bring my credit card out even after drilling my memory to remember, left my iPod on the marble countertop and have to double back home to get it, forgot to bring my wallet out and didn't realise it until I reached office, forgotten to bring my office keys, and blah blah blah. In fact, the whole list is so long that in the middle of typing, I actually forgot what I wanted to type and had to stare and the screen while trying to recall. Dementia at 20? Pathetic right?

I've got no idea whether its because I was so unused to not working for an entire week after so many months that my brains turned mushy and affected my memory bank, or whether there's something wrong with my head, but its effing frustrating. Especially since I used to pride myself on my "quite-good" memory. At this rate, I won't be surprised if one day I wake up to find that I've forgotten who I am. Need to exercise my brain!!!

Long day of lesson tomorrow. From 10am to 5pm with only one hour of break. Wonder if NTUC income will count in these extra hours of catch-up classes. My entire March schedule is filled with lessons, even my weekends. Just when Dear finally won't be so busy with work. Urgh~!

Hoping to squeeze in a short holiday to Genting within the next 2 months and aiming for Hongkong end year. Keke. I know I keep talking about going overseas but nothing ever comes out of it, and that's because our budget is simply too tight for such huge expenses. Hopefully things will get better this year. =)

Going shopping for clothes again tomorrow, and also to get some stuff from Body Shop with my Sis. For some reason, now I'm totally hooked on Body Shop stuff. I don't use them much, but I like the smells. Have I mentioned that I used to HATE the smells? Yup, I have.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom series is my absolute favourite! Wonder if they have hand cream for that series. So busy checking out the body gel that I forgot about hand cream. xD

By the way, my Sis is selling Body Shop products at really cheap prices so if you're interested, send me an e-mail or something. I can't say how she does it, but some of the stuff she's selling is really way lower than what you get in the shops.

Alright then. Off to continue watching Hi! My Sweetheart. xD



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