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.Monday, February 01, 2010 ' 12:10 AM Y
Just a short update before I go to bed; weekends pass so damn fast that I don't even feel like I've rested enough! =P

Kbox-ed with Gabby, Elle, and QR & gang yesterday. I think its been almost 2 years since I've seen the latter, and it was super weird mixing them with Gabby and Elle, especially since I'd never seen G before yesterday and had only met Elle once before. Haha~ My singing sucked so bad that my confidence dropped another level. But overall, it was fun. Didn't expect Gabby to be so hyper. LOL.

Dinner at Empire State (Iluma) was pretty yummy, but I don't think its something that will keep me going back for more. After dinner, we went to explore Mushroom and I coincidentally bumped into Yuu standing at the Customer Service counter complaining to Eloise about the Bounce incident. Apparently she's not satisfied with their response, and apparently their second visit to Bounce ended up with the same kind of unhappiness. Seriously? I think they should just close down the damn bloody restaurant and be done with it.

Anyway, exchanged some of my tickets for a cushion and a soft toy and then Taiko-ed the rest of the night with Yuu. Haven't played so much for a long time, and my Taiko skills have deteriorated like hell. Suddenly Dear's bachi feels too heavy and my wrists hurt after playing too much.

Somehow I managed to psycho Yuu to go to that Thai disco where ZH works at, 'cuz QR & the rest wanted to go visit him at work. Dear was quite angry at me, because he doesn't like me to go to such places. And honestly speaking, that was my first and last time ever stepping into such places. The "BOM BOM BOM" music made my head throb and combined with the effects of the alcohol, I got damn sleepy. I gotta say though, the Martell was nice.

Reached home at 3am, and I had to wash my hair because it was stinking from all that cigarette smoke. URGH! I frickin' HATE smokers!!! The cold water helped to clear my head a little, but I still KO-ed the moment I fell into bed. I guess that clubbing's really not my thing. Not the kind of world I'd fit into. I haven't yet been to major places like Zouk and all, and I wouldn't mind visiting them once to see how the places are like, but definitely NO hardcore partying for me. I think I prefer Seven for its quieter atmosphere even though its NOT supposed to be quiet. xD

Oh oh oh! Not forgetting to mention that I found out that Van actually worked for Schneider just awhile back while Water is currently working for ABB. FYI, Schneider is our "supplier" while ABB is Schneider's rival. What an amazing coincidence~! LOL~

Today was a relatively mild day compared to yesterday. Dear and I spent the whole day at home watching Pokemon (XD!!) and napping the afternoon away. And he finally agreed to buy something for me next month. MUAHAHAHA~! He makes me feel bad for pestering him all the time, but I don't care. I've got his promise and I'm gonna hold him to it. xD!!

I apologise for the long and boring update, even I thought to keep it short. Well, I'm signing off now. Doing some reading before I turn in for the night.
Sweet dreams world~! =)



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